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Natural Solutions for "Executive Burnout" and "Burnout Prevention."

Many Executives and  professionals are routinely plagued by carrying degrees of "Executive Burnout." The burdens that these men and women deal with on a daily basis can only truly be understood, by those who have walked the same path. Our consultants are either current or former executives from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Often times a husband, wife or children do not understand the trauma an executive puts their body through on a regular basis. Weeks on end at airports, never-ending discussions on revenue projections, navigating through office politics and the list goes on beyond an imaginable level to the average person. The main issue these professionals must deal with is the fallout from the constant exposure to this type of trauma, all the while receiving little to no sympathy, since everyone thinks they are doing well financially. Typically this fallout manifest in into  over reliance on pharmaceuticals , alcohol, premature aging and without a doubt depression in varying degrees. As a result of the constant exposure to stress, a myriad of illness begins to show itself. We have protocols to unravel the damage that takes place as a result of "Executive Burnout." One of the only ways to combat "Executive Burnout," is to truly take a step backwards in time. Modern medicine has its place, but is incapable of addressing these issues properly without masking the issue through pharmaceutical intervention. Our group utilizes ancients medicines and therapies to truly hard reset the mind and body and address true trauma that is impairing you from forward progress. Our group is for the most elite professionals that are self-aware enough to understand the need to go deep and truly unlock your potential. 

Unlocking Potential with Ancient Medicine

Corporate America is a highly competitive environment for most at the professional level. The ruthless pursuit of staying at the top of your game can be exhausting. Exercise helps, so does eating right and certainly better self-awarness through meditation and self-reflection. These are great avenues for optimizing yourself, we just go a lot deeper. To truly unlock capabilities we take a multi-faceted approach towards "Executive Optimization." One of the main components is an ancient medicine protocol. The sessions that take place in Playa Del Carmen allow the unlocking of true Executive potential. What happens afterwords is guidance on nutrition, efficiency, meditation, supplementation, finding flow state, biohacking and many other elements that truly optimize the mind and body.

The Executive Collective

Websites, apps and professional groups have been trying to link professionals together for years. Most are nothing more than a job "recruiter" masking themselves as a social network. Our collective has an intense interview and vetting process and takes only the true Executive warriors, that want to make this planet a better place for everyone. We want an environment where executives can truly interact with others that understand the pain, hardship and stress that comes with operating at the highest levels. A group of individuals from every discipline underneath the sun, truly supporting each others professional and personal goals.

Our Team

Natural and Ancient Medicine Center

All ancient medicine treatments and tailored protocols are done in beautiful Playa Del Carmen. Privacy and anonymity are critical to our clients and we make sure they can heal comfortably and securely in the tropics.

Ancient Medicine and Optimization Team

The Executive Directory of the Healing and Recovery Center has north of a decade of guiding people through treatments successfully. Not only are treatment protocols custom for each client, but specific formulas are utilized for optimized healing. Surrounded by a team of doctors, nurses, psychiatrist and advisors allows for proper healing.

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One of the major life long battles professionals have is preserving the life they currently have. Our consultants will help you protect yourself from burnout, as well get you laser focused on forward progress.

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