What is an Optimized Executive?

Crystal Clear Decision Maker

Even some of the most seasoned executives, typically live in fear, Companies encourage this by taking the human element out of the equation. In many corporations across the globe, your as good as what you did yesterday. Any relative sense of comfort in modern business has virtually been removed. We have the ability to rejuvenate the decision making progress and unlock potential with the absence of fear, Once your making decisions with absence of fear, you have a confidence that will pay dividends year after year. The natural reconnection that will take place with treatment allows your mind the clarity it needs to make decisions without hesitation, yet produce optimal results.


An "Optimized" executive truly knows themselves. Too many times are quick to say what they are good at, but how much time is spent asking, "What am I not good at." We can allow the mind and body to find comfort in your strengths, but also allow an exploration of areas of improvement. The ego prevents executives from maximizing true potential. It has a place, but with prestige and power its takes very little for it to get out of control. More importantly the ego exist in many of us regardless of professional stature. Ancient medicine allows for us to take a step back from our ego and find true balance. Controlling the ego is not easy, but we will give you the tools to keep it in check.

Management of Something Larger than Ourselves

An executive is routinely responsible for multiple; People, Geographic Regions, Revenue Streams, Financial Reporting Systems, business groups and the list can go on forever. Getting caught up in the momentum of the shear amount of responsibilities, can easily lead to self-destruction of the right conditioning has not been put in place. These responsibilities will not disappear, but how your mind handles them can change. We restore the "human" element in the thought process. Ourselves and teams are not a machine to be placed on autopilot. Allowing the mind to work in a flow state, has been embraced by countless tech company executives and even the military. Harnessing this state through ancient medicine will open the door for true collaboration on issues much larger then the individual in our professional worlds.

Energized and Effective

Even a couple years at the executive and professional level, can easily exhaust the average person. The few weeks of vacation rarely truly helps decompress. Sitting in conferences and meetings for eight plus hours a day under fluorescent lighting, could not be any less natural. These environments regardless of the perks, defy the lifestyle are ancestors had only a few hundred years ago. Our executives have the opportunity to find that balance again and truly get back to their roots. Modern medicine has little to offer in this category to truly restore energy. Once an executive goes through our "burnout" protocol, energy is restored naturally. The body is allowed to repair itself. Modern medicine, caffeine and energy drinks are simply propping you up, so you can die tired. We can help naturally light the fire and passion that helped you arrive at the executive level.

True Visionary

Many executives across the globe have solved amazing problems, developed incredible technology and made incredible strides in progress for their companies. "Vision" is a critical attribute in the highest levels of leadership. An absence of "vision" will end even the most prosperous career, regardless of past accomplishments. Our executives are able to go deep and truly test the boundaries of creativity. Following the same seminars, business books and strategies that everyone else employs will have you end with the same results. We can help open the mind, so your highest level of creativity and thoughts can be utilized in your career. Doing what others are simply unwilling to do, will separate you from them.

Sound Body and Mind

A truly "optimized" executive is of sound mind and body. To have the scope of responsibilities a modern day executive, requires operation on the most purest of levels. Substance issues, disease and depression have no place if you are to operate at the highest levels. All of these things are anchors that will eventually lead to "burnout" and ultimately failure. Decision making ability is impaired and numbed if depression, disease or substance issues are in play. Anger alone impairs rational judgment and leads to poor decision making. You would not want the pilot of your next flight dealing with any of these issues. An executive responsible for so many people, should not be dealing with any of the same. Our executives have balance and harmony and take the hardest issues and problem head on naturally.