How does "Burnout" Occur?

The Cycle of Executive Burnout

The cycle of "Executive Burnout" begins long before we take our first few steps into a professional environment. The day that we are born we begin to inherit both positive and negative experiences throughout life, all archived in our subconscious.

The framework of being a good little workaholic is often laid early in a students adolescence. Skip nature, forget about freedom, conform and of course live in fear.  Take as many advanced courses in High school as possible, after schools sports and at least a half dozen clubs. Taking the individual to the brink of exhaustion in preparation for college, where the demands will only be amplified.

As an Executive evolves the accumulation of trauma only compounds, typically while trying to balance relationships and potentially a family. Most larger companies place demands on executives today, that would be considered punishment only a few decades back. Financial reporting requirements have increased year over year. The stress that comes with managing a continually ascending EBITDA. Managing various teams across the country or globe. The schedule itself is literarily designed for self-destruction. Hour long meetings that could easily be twenty minutes. Spending portions of your weekend at an airport, so your prepared for a Monday morning meeting somewhere else other than where you live. The flexibility of an executive has also been comprised increasing Human Resource and Compliance demands. Some in the spirit of forward progress, others that simply impair productivity.

The stress and strain that accompanies an executive level position leads to a multitude of ailments that are covered in the consequences section of the site. In short the mind and body is being attacked on a daily basis. The modern day coping strategy; lots of caffeine, alcohol, pharmaceuticals and chances are something for sleep. Rarely is there mention of meditation, flow state or natural and ancient medicines. What is also not mentioned is how many of the worlds most famous executives actually have gone deep and embraced the ideas of ancient medicine and cultures. Some of the strongest minds of the century and in history have embraced these concepts. The solution to modern day problems resides in ancient tradition. Our group has the protocols and knowledge to change course and have a successful journey.