Burnout Consequences

Poor Stress Management

The shear tidal wave of stressors that an executive is faced with in both professional and personal life will only create additional hardship once "Burnout" manifest itself.

Stress compounds itself, so bringing in more of it professionally will only amplify the problem. Stress Management capabilities will continue to decline, along with this will come issues with decision making, We can naturally unravel these stressors and allow your brain a "hard reset" that will work for you, instead of against you. Allowing you to see and self-correct stress trigger points.


A big miss-conception amongst executives is that an inability to multi-task or manage multiple projects is exclusively tied to age. Although cognitively age can have an impact, it does not have to be accepted.

Typically someone that is seeing a decline in these capabilities is stuck in the haze of "burnout" that shows itself in many forms. During our program your mind and body will re-calibrate. Objectives will become more clear and the process of handling multiple objectives will begin to restore itself. You will come out with refreshed self, that can navigate through the complexity of handling multiple task and issues. 

Decision Making

Nothing can comprise decision making faster then stress, anxiety and anger. Couple that with a poor diet, substance abuse and lack of decompression. You now have the perfect storm for burning out. The trauma your body is enduring impacts clear, concise and calculated decision making. We can remove the fog associated with these issues and restore your mind to a calmer state. Once balance is in place, soon will return intellect, razor sharp decision making and the ability to handle multiple thoughts. By clearing the fog from the mind, true potential can be unlocked. The strength that comes from calculated thinking, is something that we can help harness for you, allowing you to become an optimized version of your old self.

Substance Issues

Corporations have become hyper competitive as time passes. The pre-requisites for certain positions continue to ascend to epic levels. Positions that once required solid experience, now require an advanced degree.

Rising through an organization to the executive level brings its fair share of trauma. The political elements, long hours and extensive cut throat tendencies wear on a person over time. Scheduling demands and extensive travel do not help the situation either.

The propensity for substance abuse on climbs as stress and trauma increase. What was a few pills or a couple glasses of wine, can turn into a full addiction. Through ancient medicine, we can break the cycle of addiction quickly, comfortably and without the traditional approach.


Depression does not always show itself in some of the more intense examples, like a full breakdown. In many cases lack of interest, diminished pleasure from work and a disconnect from frequent hobbies. Some of these can be examples of what can be coming around the corner if not addressed properly. Our method of addressing depression is by preventing it from happening in the first place. If you have already crossed the threshold of depression, our protocols can help eradicate the issues and trauma that have gotten you to this point without pharmaceutical intervention, so you can truly be free of your issues. Depression can be one of the triggers for people with seemingly incredible jobs and lifestyles, end up checking out from a great career to take a step back. Let us help you navigate through this journey towards a path of true well-being and freedom.

Health Complications and Disease

As a professional progresses through the different stages of burnout, the side effects only continue to worsen. There is fantastic research out there that validates the health consequences of Stress, Anxiety, improper nutrition and constant strain of the human body.

Modern medicine has its place in acute trauma, emergency situations and many surgical scenarios. Most of modern medicine is centric on addressing symptoms, whether it is a broken leg or high blood pressure. Virtually all the pharmaceuticals work in the same fashion, which is causing a reaction in the body to condition a response from the body, even for something as simplistic as an aspirin for a headache. Our solutions use ancient medicine that truly allows the body and mind to heal itself. Your own body is correcting the points of issue. Please see the link for a list of issues we have protocols for alleviating.