Executive "Burnout" Movement

Changing Course

Just recently has the concept of "Executive Burnout," truly gained some traction. For the most, historically the loss of high potential executives was simply attributed to attrition. Little consideration was given to how an executive level position impacts someones health and cognitive function. Companies are now taking this seriously because of emerging data on insurance cost. The cost of replacing an executive can equate to over 213% of income, according to a study from the Center of American Progress.

Some companies have started "Burnout" programs that can cost an organization up to a $100,000 per executive. Some elements include bone density scans, therapist, nutritionist and a myriad of other personal health obligations. All at the same time the executive is disclosing some of their most intimate health information with insurance companies and company paid health resources. There is a true loss of sovereignty by having this level of communication. Microchips and automation are probably not much further around the corner.

Our approach towards truly helping professionals with "Burnout" and optimization is much different. We create a safe and private environment. In our world to exchange of health data is limited to medical support staff not connected with your organization in any capacity. You can heal knowing that your information stays secure with a trained staff for purposes only of developing the proper protocols for you. Even if your organization is paying for the treatment, they get in return an "optimized" executive, not personal health results.

Not only are all Ancient Medicine treatments and therapies kept confidential. We also provide executives with a discreet and anonymous group of other executives to discuss their recovery, professional issues and a global network of resources to support them in their professional and personal goals through our collective.